Friday, April 1, 2011

My Conference Experiences

There is an event that happens 2 times a year in the LDS religion where our church leaders speak to us. It is a broadcast that is sent out to the entire world so the entire world can know what the prophet is saying.
     For me, memories of conference are really close to me now not only because I'm on a mission but it is because conference weekend would be a time that all of my family would get together. I love family-get-together-ness. It becomes more important as we grow up. I can remember sitting on the couch six months ago thinking to myself, "This is amazing." Knowing that this would be the last time for two years that I would be able to be with my family.
     My favorite conference memory was few years back when my family was not able to be together for the Saturday session of conference. We all had things to do. My dad and I had to go work on some equipment and we had to go to my dad's work to fix it. My brothers had to work or work on a school project. It was only my sister and mom at home but we were all listening to conference. How do I know that? Let me tell you.
     Me and my dad were listening to the conference talk given by Elder David A. Bednar titled More Diligent and Concerned at Home. It talks about how to strengthen the home. The first step he talks about is to tell the people who are your family or your close friends that you love them. Within a 15 minute time frame we had a text from everyone in the family flying around sharing the love we have for each other. That is how I knew how even though we were miles apart we were all listening to conference.
    I am telling you right now that conference is the coolest things in the world. Families grow closer together as you all come closer to Christ.. I love conference and I'm excited for the April 2nd and 3rd. I hope and pray all of you are able to watch conference.

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