Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Never Failing Compass

You don't want your life like this picture where you have no idea where you are going.
Direction must be applied with A Goal in Sight

      There is technology that can help us along the way. .It is a magical invention called a compass. It is always pointing north. North will always be north. There is something also called the Holy Spirit (or also known as Holy Ghost) which acts about the same as a compass. For example:

A compass can lead you to your destination when you know how to use it.
The Holy Spirit is a guide. He will lead and guide us as we listen to him.

A compass can not work when you have an outside force (magnet) messing with it.
The Holy Spirit can only help when there is no outside force (sin).

You have to be calm and hold still for compasses to work.
To hear the promptings of the Holy Spirit you much listen and hold still.

      Now the compass has been around since 247 B.C. as what Wikipedia says but the Holy Spirit has been around a lot longer than that. I would imagine you can rely on something that has been around for more than 2000 years.

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