Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Faith + Water = Giant Plant

Faith is like a little seed:

If planted, 

it will grow.

     Our Father in Heaven wants us to have faith in him. Before we live on earth we lived in Heaven as his spirit children. We did not need faith in Heavenly Father before this life because Heavenly Father was right in front of our faces. It was not faith we had before this life but a perfect knowledge. 
     To make sure that our faith was in our Heavenly Father, he sent us to earth. On earth we are to get and take care of our body and then have faith in our Heavenly Father and do all things that he asks of us. Very simple I would assume but some the times it is hard to have faith. Sometimes we question and second guess our faith. Just because don't have some marvelous experience we automatically think that there is something wrong with us but that is not the case. Sometimes our faith is like a gradual sun rise that come slowly. In due time, the sun illuminates an entire area almost un-noticeably. The same process works with our faith. Faith will slowly come into our life. Shining light on that matter which was confusing at first.

Always remember that in the Lords time 
our faith can go from a seed to a plant,
all in the blink of an eye.