Thursday, March 31, 2011


     Years ago when I was 14-ish I had a habit of not making my bed. I would wake up in the morning, slide right out of bed, and stumble my way to the bathroom to take a shower. Oddly enough the bathroom was up stairs on the main floor. I still wonder how I made it up stair.
     I never gave a lot of thought about making my bed but I would reason that it is only a small thing that it doesn't matter. I could do it but I never had a good reason to do it.
     It wasn't until I went to college that I found the full beauty of making my bed. Just having a nice bed to go to at night was amazing. 

     What is the correlation between me making my bed and praying. It is simple, making a bed is small and simple and frankly just overlooked. Not to much though is given into making a bed. It is like prayer in the way that it too can be given little to no thought on what is said during the prayer. Sounding more like a route presentation then something that comes from the heart. This should not be the case. We have the opportunity of a life time to talk with the creator of the universe. More time needs to be put into what we saw during our prayer. I know that prayer the way to start our day and right way to end it. I know that as we make our prayers more meaningful we will be able say honestly to God, "I can feel your peace and your love."

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


In the year 1820 something amazing happened.
This is not some small event that is sort of kinda important.
This event is
This event
A marvelous thing started to form and only a few people know about it!

God, the creator of all things, and his son, Jesus Christ appeared to a boy. The very same Jesus Christ who took upon him the sins of the world appeared in a body of flesh and bone to a young man. 
God spake to him, calling him by name and said, pointing to the other - "This is My Beloved Son, Hear Him". The heavens opened once again. God had called another prophet. and the fullness of the gospel started to unraveled never to be lost again! It is amazing! How come more people don't know about this miraculous event?

 This is why it is so exciting because there is hope for the world and there is a way for man to feel joy even while in the turmoil of modern day life. Jesus is the Christ and he atoned for the sins of the world, and there is a way to get back to our loving Heavenly Father. There is a way for you families to be together forever. In the Book of Mormon in Jacob 6:11 it says, "O then, my beloved brethren, repent ye, and enter in at the strait gate, and continue in the way which is narrow, until ye shall obtain eternal life." There is a way and the Lord has provided for us. These are so amazing who wouldn't want to know more. Click these if you would want to know more.