Thursday, March 31, 2011


     Years ago when I was 14-ish I had a habit of not making my bed. I would wake up in the morning, slide right out of bed, and stumble my way to the bathroom to take a shower. Oddly enough the bathroom was up stairs on the main floor. I still wonder how I made it up stair.
     I never gave a lot of thought about making my bed but I would reason that it is only a small thing that it doesn't matter. I could do it but I never had a good reason to do it.
     It wasn't until I went to college that I found the full beauty of making my bed. Just having a nice bed to go to at night was amazing. 

     What is the correlation between me making my bed and praying. It is simple, making a bed is small and simple and frankly just overlooked. Not to much though is given into making a bed. It is like prayer in the way that it too can be given little to no thought on what is said during the prayer. Sounding more like a route presentation then something that comes from the heart. This should not be the case. We have the opportunity of a life time to talk with the creator of the universe. More time needs to be put into what we saw during our prayer. I know that prayer the way to start our day and right way to end it. I know that as we make our prayers more meaningful we will be able say honestly to God, "I can feel your peace and your love."

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