Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crimnson Trail

     I was listening to conference Paul V Johnson talked about a trail I loved to hike when I was home. This is that clip from that talk.
     "The Crimson Trail in Logan Canyon is one of my favorite hikes. The main part of the trail creeps along the top of tall limestone cliffs and offers beautiful vistas of the canyon and valley below. Getting to the top of the cliffs isn’t easy, however. The trail there is a constant climb; and just before reaching the top, the climber encounters the steepest part of the trail; and views of the canyon are hidden by the cliffs themselves. The final exertion is more than worth the effort because once the climber is on top, the views are breathtaking. The only way to see the views is to make the climb." More Than Conquerors through Him That Loved Us by Paul V. Johnson.
     This trail is no doubt the one of the greatest trails to hike on. It is my favorite hike in Logan Canyon.The views are so amazing that it is now a life long memory in my head. The first time I hiked up there I was with my brother and some of his roommates from his apartment.
      We started up that hike it started out easy but then got progressively harder. We were about mid-way through the hardest part of the hike when Morgan one of the roommates had to stop because he was getting sick. We left him thinking that he would be alright, wrong move on our part.
     We got about half a mile farther and decided that leaving him there wasn't such a good idea. As we started to turn around we started to see Morgan coming up. When he caught back up to us he told us that everything was alright and that he just shouldn't have had eaten the three ham sandwiches before we started the hike. He then went on to describe the sandwiches which had a lot of mayonnaise on them. As we continue our hike he goes on to tell us how the next person coming up will find a surprise next to a tree when they come up.
     As we came to the top the view was amazing. Everyone was glad to have not turned around. Yes, even Morgan being the one who emptied has stomach along the trip was glad that he didn't just head back. Even if it was rough to begin with, the end result was amazing.
    Just like hardships in our lives, sometimes the best results will come after the hardest climbs. Reminds me a little of a guy named Joseph Smith who prayed with all of his heart praying to God. Wanting to know truth because of all the churches that were around in 1820 not expecting to see God but then guess what happened to him...

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